Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Meet our Khaleeli

It's September. 12 days post labour.

My due date was supposed to be on 29th, but Allah has granted my wish to have the baby earlier.

Honestly I was praying hard that the baby won't go overdue, I would not want to think of inducing and other methods to coax him to come out.

Turned out that his birthday was at 12.15 am, 21st August 2014.

Alhamdulillah, I have given birth safely to a baby boy. It was a successful VBAC and natural birth, despite being a gruelling 40 hours of labour (my water broke at 8.15am on 19th August).

Since I did not want to be induced, I had to let nature take its course. Hubby and I slept overnight at the labour room, and it was not a very pleasant room to settle down and get cosy.

The pain was bearable during the first 30 hours or so, but the real deal began during the last 10. Long story short, my baby was ready to come out and his head was very low, but apparently, my cervix dilates very slowly.

That means that I was in an intense contraction (the kind that makes me wanted to poop) for quite a long time but my cervix was only at 5cm. The progression to 10cm was very long, even Dr Idora had to admit that she can't really tell how long do I have to wait.

Eventhough the plan was to have a natural and no intervention birth, I have to admit that things did not turn out 100% according to plan. I agreed for a number of VEs (because I just have to know how long I have progressed), I surrendered to the gas for pain management and I allowed Dr Idora to help me with the dilation (I think she had to do some massage or something in there) - which actually helped. I also had to surrender to purple pushing, I was too tired enduring the long hours of pain to ask to change positions, but Dr Idora and the nurses was so encouraging and did their best to help me with my effort.

Not to mention my husband who reminded me of a coach of sorts, giving me strength throughout the labour and to push baby out (eventhough I think to a certain extent I was being annoying when I was high with the gas. Hahah.That part was funny, I felt like floating and I was talking silly). He was my pillar of strength, strength that I gained  everytime I saw his face encouraging me. Thanks dear :*

I ended up with a first degree natural tear. In retrospect, maybe it was not a really gentle birth, but I am not looking back with regrets because I was aware of my decisions and what is being done to my body and my baby - that is all that matters.

Meet our newfound love, Engku Khaleeli bin Engku Emri. Born at 3.02 kg with lots and lots of hair. Heheh. Alhamdulillah, Allahu Akbar.

Khaleeli at 12 days. He is diagnosed with jaundice though, I am actually quite worried :(

Wednesday, August 06, 2014

What I learned from Bella’s first solid food

Image from http://www.101childrensfoodideas.com/blog/
“Bella, nak makan apa malam ni?” (Bella, what would you like for dinner?)

“Bella nak nasi, kicap and telur/chicken” (Bella wants rice, soy sauce and eggs/chicken).

Pretty much the same answer every time, just replace the protein with either one I mentioned above. Once in a while she does take some noodles, that is when you will see me silently crying out victory in the kitchen. LOL.

Sigh, my dear fussy eater.

The word vegetables and fruits are almost non-existent in her vocabulary, well not in her “what I want to eat” list at least.

I don’t blame it on her really, when I looked back at how I started her with solid foods, I think I made the wrong move.

For starters it’s the darn instant porridges like Cerelac. Yes, her first solids were actually that, which I only came to realize is an equivalent of other processed food that we adults consume. I blame it on myself, a mom who easily got enticed with the ads and ignorant to do my own homework about solids.

Bella had those instant things every day, and only eat real food at dinner (it should have been the other way at least, right?)

I should have started with real food instead. Foods like pureed fruits like apples, avocadoes, pumpkins and such.

In my defence, I did gave her rice porridge, cooked with chicken or fish and some vegetables in it. The problem is I was not creative and did not put in too many variations. After a while it became the same ol’ menu, and maybe that contributed to her lack of “adventure” in tasting food.

Another wrong move was the snacks. I failed to realize that she needed to snack on healthy foods like cut fruits or cheeses and nuts. Back in the days her snacks were mostly those baby biscuits, rusks or cookies *slaps forehead*

These days I honestly envy those mothers who do not need to struggle with their children’s food. I mean those kids; they eat fruits and veges like a boss!

I don’t mean to compare my child with others, but my point is, it all starts with us the parents. Or rather, how we eat as an adult actually plays an important role at how we build our children’s eating habit.

I have heard of baby-led weaning and teaching them to eat what we eat, but again first of all, we also need to recognize whether what we consume as an adult is actually healthy and nutritious to begin with.

I guess that’s just another lesson learned in my parenting journey.

My dear Bella, I do feel bad about starting off wrongly, but baby I will try my best to make sure that some real food goes into your system (I hope you won’t discover that I have quietly sneaked in some vegetables into your rice every time I feed you). Perhaps you will learn to love these foods as you grow older.

To my credit, even though Bella is a fussy eater, I am glad that she is not a big fan of candies and junk foods, and even sodas. That’s a great achievement for me. I’d rather make some butter toast or boil some eggs for her to snack on than having her eating all those junks. I guess that helps me feel a little better. Ehem :)

So how do you start your baby with solids? Any tips to share on how to get them to eat real, nutritious food?

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Aidilfitri at 36 weeks

36 weeks, and its Syawal :)

Salam Aidilfitri to all of my Muslim readers, I hope everyone is having fun celebrating with your families and friends.

It's really entertaining seeing people posting photos with families and their Hari Raya matching outfits, and many quirky poses as well. It just adds to the joyful occassion.

This year, we only celebrated at my parents in-law in KL. Actually we are supposed to celebrate in Kota Bharu, but with this belly, I don't think travelling is something I would fancy right now. I even get tired climbing up a flight of stairs! Heheh.

It was still great nonetheless. Visited some relatives who also spend their raya here while enjoying the smooth roads, and still get to eat raya food.

I even took the effort the cook Rendang Ayam again this year. Raya means rendang and lemang, and considering that I am going for a 40 days confinement soon, I MUST have them.

The pregnancy on the other hand is going well too, Alhamdulillah. Last week the baby weighed in at 2.5kg, which is right on track. I even feel that my belly is descending and ballooning right now - a sign that everything is going smooth but with an increased discomfort for me....huhu.

I find this pregnancy more tiresome than the first, I think most of it is due to me having to be on my feet all the time, tending to an older child and taking care of the home (and going to work). The fatigue lasted from the first to the third trimester for me. Not complaining though coz indeed every pregnancy is always different.

Wow, I can't believe it has been 9 months. Friends who are pregnant too are delivering in queue now, its just a matter of time for me! Can't wait to meet baby.

Right now the only things running through my mind are the preparation for the birth and baby, anticipating my labor day and reading about birth stories. God knows how much I need them, especially the positive and VBAC ones, as a support system to my nerves. It's like having a first baby again this time.

In the meantime, I better sort out my hospital and baby bag. Ah yes, its not ready yet. Yikes!

Sunday, July 06, 2014

The clingy sister

32 weeks.

Baby is moving ever so actively as I am writing this. He does seem to have a schedule of wake and sleep of his own, so whenever he is asleep I always find myself calling him just to be sure. He may even think that I am annoying him already LOL.

"I am fine mommy, just trying to get some sleep over here, mmkay?"


The sister, on the other hand, has been super clingy.

Wow, all she ever wants is me these days, not even her Abah.

I want to do this with Mommy, I want Mommy there, I want Mommy here.

As much as it is flattering, most of the time, it is tiring. Especially when it is the end of the day, when my batteries are pretty much exhausted. Sometimes all I wanted was to lie in bed and stretch, and Bella to be taken care by someone else for a moment.

I think it is very much one of the symptoms of getting a sibling. People say she will be more independent once the baby arrives, some says otherwise. Well, I honestly don't know whether when the time really comes, it would be my turn who wants to cling onto her.

I know that I should give her the most attention as much as I can - while I still can.  I am all for that, but like I said, sometimes things shifts a little.

I try to involve her with the pregnancy as much as I can too, so far, she understands very well that I have adik Baby in my tummy. She does call him once in a while, and did the sweetest thing like stroking my tummy or asking me to tell adik that she is going to bed already. Not to mention making clear remarks of how big I am right now. Haha.

Can't wait to see both of them together (although I do not need a reminder of what will happen when rivalry takes over, LOL).

Saturday, June 07, 2014

When worries come in a package.

I walked into the GP's room and answered him when he asked me what is wrong.

"I have a long story to tell".

It cracked him up, and I laughed too, albeit being so uncomfortable with a cramping stomach since morning.

I told him my story from a few days earlier.

It started with a headache, one that I usually got even before I was pregnant - this throbbing ache on the crown of my head that sometimes radiates to the back of my eyes. The only thing that usually stopped it is either Panadol or a long sleep in a dark, cool room.

After contemplating for quite a while, I decided to just pop some Panadol. I could not stand the nuisance.

So the next day I went to my OB with no more pain from the headache. Alhamdulillah the checkup went well, baby is growing healthily and he is now 1.1 kg. He scored perfectly on the average growth chart, and Dr Idora was content with my progress.

I took the whole day off, and so we headed to KLCC for some window shopping (hubby and I). It has been a while since we had a decent date night/day, I really missed having him only to myself.

There was a lot of waiting, sitting and walking on that day. At the end of the day, my body started to ache all over. It kind of felt like I was catching fever, but there was no temperature. I noticed that my head still ached, especially when I prostrate during prayers and when I coughed or sneezed.

So I was quite in a miserable, tired state and I think my Braxton Hicks came quite often.


I woke up the next morning, still with some mild headache. It has improved, but it was still there. My body was still aching, so I decided to take MC and rest. Maybe all I needed was a nice pampering, so after sending Bella and hubby to work, I headed to Baliayu Spa in Paradigm Mall for a prenatal massage (I am a sucker for spas, it made me feel better for a while).

The rest of the day, well, I was still tired and achy. The massage did help a bit and made me relax, but it did not eliminate my body aches.

Friday, I woke up feeling better. Alhamdulillah. The body aches was almost all gone, and the headache has subsided. I went to work as usual, but that morning my stomach decided that it had too much gas (its not like I skipped breakfast or anything, or maybe because the first thing that went into my tummy that morning was a durian creampuff!)

So there I was, suffering from another episode of gastric. My stomach cramped, but it was so hard for me to tell which part of my abdomen was cramping - my stomach or my uterus. It was so confusing and the cramps just would not go away, unlike Braxton Hicks that usually goes away if I emptied my bladder or changed positions.

I came back from lunch and found out that I had some bleeding in my nose. Great, another addition to an already confusing situation.

Freaked. Me. Out.

I really did not know what to do anymore. So after asking for opinions from hubby and some friends, I thought what the heck, maybe I should just drop by a GP to check my blood pressure and whatnots, just to make sure.

The GP did not look worried. After telling him the whole story he also suspects that it was just gas. After all I did not have any fever or vomiting. He checked my BP and it was excellent too. So he gave me some antacid and painkillers and advised me to rest. The nosebleed? Well it was just at the walls of nose (the blood capillaries) not from the inside of my head or something.

I went home early. Fetched Bella from school, rested and watched TV but the cramping was still there but it was slowly fading away. My appetite was coming back slowly too.

I slept soundly through the night and this morning I woke up feeling a lot better.


I hope that this episode is over. You know, sometimes, things just happens in a package, especially when you are in a situation where it is important that every incident counts, like being pregnant at 28 weeks!

It freaked me out, really. It's like I am this paranoid woman but I don't care.

I guess such worry is normal right? I mean, eventhough I have been pregnant before, I do have a number of "what is this???" moment.

It's so true that every pregnancy is different. It comes with different experiences, therefore I think that no matter what it always pays to :

1) Equip myself with as much knowledge about pregnancy as possible
2) Listen to my body

Now that my appetite and energy is back, I am soo cooking for lunch today. Maybe some chicken soup to soothe my soul. Heheh.

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