Friday, October 24, 2014

Happi Kiddo, Happy Me!

When I was pregnant with Khaleeli, for quite some time I was clueless when it comes to baby shopping. Like, sooo not me right? Heheh.

It was only until the end of the 2nd trimester or so, I finally put some serious thought into getting stuff for the baby.

Perhaps the reason why I was like that is because I think we had enough of baby stuff from Bella’s time. There were plenty of clothes and napkins to be handed down to the baby, and as for the huge bulky accessories (stroller, breastpump,carseat, etc), of course we also already have them too.

After all those older stuff has been taken out of its closet, I realized that those clothes are mostly pink and many of the whites have turned yellowish and old.  I also found out that we misplaced some items too, like a wetbag and changing pad from our diaper bag.

So that’s it. We need to buy some new stuff. Plus, when a girl’s gotta shop, a girl’s gotta shop, you know what I mean? Thehehe.

Ever since, I found myself visiting online and physical baby stores again.

Then, I discovered Happi Kiddo.

It’s not an online store, but a physical store in Citta Mall, Ara Damansara (a bonus that it is very near to home).

Honestly, I almost went crazy when I first stepped into the huge store. I was in baby stuff heaven!

Apparently Happi Kiddo has been around for quite some time. What makes them different than other stores I have been before is that they carry a wide selection of brands, especially those from outside of Malaysia.

What is important is that all items sold are meant for mommy and children (even daddy, for that matter). Chances are if you are looking for a rare brand or a rare item you may find it there.

I’ll leave the photos to do the talking now:

They even sell furnitures!

Swimwears for the kids and lots of other apparels too

Angel Mel designer wetbags (local made)

Stylish pregnancy and nursing wear

Can't be a baby store if you don't have loads and loads of toys!

Partywares that made me drool. They are so cuteee!

I cried here because I so want that Storksak diaperbag (obviously I am exaggerating hehe)

A wide range of strollers and the stylish Cosatto brand

You can buy Tanamera items in loose here. They have the whole collection!

A lot of good brands (organic/non-organic) baby toiletries

Me likey J

Here are the hauls from my visit (after painfully trying to control myself to not shop unnecessarily!). I will definitely be visiting again soon though!

A wetbag, blanket and towels for Khaleeli, and a Hello Kitty watch and cute lil hen cup for Bella :)

Aha…and here is the catch if you like them like I do.

Happi Kiddo is offering a 15% discount storewide (except babyfood, milk powder and disposable diapers) to all Mommy Confessionals reader. Yeay!

Just use this code when you are at the cashier:


This discount offer is valid until 7 November 2014, so do make sure you drop by their store as soon as you can OK?

I am sure you will love them as much as I do! Happy shopping!

Happy mommy!

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Khaleeli's Akikah and Bella's Bday Party

This happened last weekend :

Devil's Belgian Choc Cake by Flavox Pattiserie
Cupcakes by my friend, Dianne Dayanna

I setup the party table myself. I really don't know how I managed to do it, but I did!

And let me tell you it was, errr, tiring too. Heheh.

The tiring part was doing the DIY - printing, cutting, pasting, assembling. However the sight of it when it is complete just gave me the satisfaction and I am happy that Bella really appreciates it :)

The theme was Lego Movie, and I got all the designs from the banner to the mineral water label to the menu cards from Etsy. All I did was buy the design set and download the JPEG files and send it out for printing. It turned out really nice.

The star of the party would be the decadent Belgian Chocolate Cake and the scrumptious cupcakes baked by 2 of my baker friends. Good thing I have them to rely on whenever I need the perfect sweet treats.

And these are the looks from Khaleeli's Akikah setup. Just a simple cradle corner and some doorgifts. I really love the blue polkadot paperbag. Bought it from a nice craft vendor - Neelocraft. She has quite a collection of coloured and patterned craft paperbags and doilies. So pretty.

A lot of my friends could not make it though. Some had to decline and apologized but some just went silent I don't know what happened. Wish they could have make it though.

Anyway, it was still a great event :) If you were there, thank you very much for coming,  we really appreciate it! If I missed anyone, I would like to apologize too. Insya Allah will keep you in mind next time.

Alhamdulillah. Selesai sudah :)

Cradle decoration by Aidear

Paperbags and stickers from Neelocraft

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

A new online bookshop (and a discount code too!)

25 days into confinement. To be honest, I am bored and I could not wait for it to end.

So what else do I do?

Online shopping of course. Although it would be far more interesting to hit the malls again, with sleep deprivation and new routine I think I'll pass (as if I am allowed to go out in this period, LOL).

Speaking of online shopping, besides baby and kids stuff and new clothes, I actually like to browse for books too. But the downside is that in Malaysia there are not many online bookstores except for one very popular site, which sometimes does not carry the books that I wish to buy. Well, its not like that all the time, but it is always good to have an alternative right?

So when I heard about this bookstore -- the NOQ store -- I was excited to give it a try!

In essence, NoQ Store is an online bookstore that carries more than 14 million titles, covering a wide array of genres - Childrens, Education, Parenting, Fiction and many more. Sounds promising right? Here's a sneak peek:

I did some shopping myself and bought a few books for Bella. Their interface was user friendly and just like what I expect from a good e-commerce website, the process is not complicated too.

The books took around 1-2 weeks to arrive though, I think that is pretty standard. Here are my books when it arrived:

Like I said, its always good to have an alternative. As usual, I always have something for you, my readers :)

As a Mommy Confessionals reader you are invited to enjoy a 15% exclusive discount on all purchases. Simply use this code when you checkout:


This discount code is valid until 31 November 2014, so don't miss it OK?

Have fun browsing and shopping!

Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Meet our Khaleeli

It's September. 12 days post labour.

My due date was supposed to be on 29th, but Allah has granted my wish to have the baby earlier.

Honestly I was praying hard that the baby won't go overdue, I would not want to think of inducing and other methods to coax him to come out.

Turned out that his birthday was at 12.15 am, 21st August 2014.

Alhamdulillah, I have given birth safely to a baby boy. It was a successful VBAC and natural birth, despite being a gruelling 40 hours of labour (my water broke at 8.15am on 19th August).

Since I did not want to be induced, I had to let nature take its course. Hubby and I slept overnight at the labour room, and it was not a very pleasant room to settle down and get cosy.

The pain was bearable during the first 30 hours or so, but the real deal began during the last 10. Long story short, my baby was ready to come out and his head was very low, but apparently, my cervix dilates very slowly.

That means that I was in an intense contraction (the kind that makes me wanted to poop) for quite a long time but my cervix was only at 5cm. The progression to 10cm was very long, even Dr Idora had to admit that she can't really tell how long do I have to wait.

Eventhough the plan was to have a natural and no intervention birth, I have to admit that things did not turn out 100% according to plan. I agreed for a number of VEs (because I just have to know how long I have progressed), I surrendered to the gas for pain management and I allowed Dr Idora to help me with the dilation (I think she had to do some massage or something in there) - which actually helped. I also had to surrender to purple pushing, I was too tired enduring the long hours of pain to ask to change positions, but Dr Idora and the nurses was so encouraging and did their best to help me with my effort.

Not to mention my husband who reminded me of a coach of sorts, giving me strength throughout the labour and to push baby out (eventhough I think to a certain extent I was being annoying when I was high with the gas. Hahah.That part was funny, I felt like floating and I was talking silly). He was my pillar of strength, strength that I gained  everytime I saw his face encouraging me. Thanks dear :*

I ended up with a first degree natural tear. In retrospect, maybe it was not a really gentle birth, but I am not looking back with regrets because I was aware of my decisions and what is being done to my body and my baby - that is all that matters.

Meet our newfound love, Engku Khaleeli bin Engku Emri. Born at 3.02 kg with lots and lots of hair. Heheh. Alhamdulillah, Allahu Akbar.

Khaleeli at 12 days. He is diagnosed with jaundice though, I am actually quite worried :(

Wednesday, August 06, 2014

What I learned from Bella’s first solid food

Image from
“Bella, nak makan apa malam ni?” (Bella, what would you like for dinner?)

“Bella nak nasi, kicap and telur/chicken” (Bella wants rice, soy sauce and eggs/chicken).

Pretty much the same answer every time, just replace the protein with either one I mentioned above. Once in a while she does take some noodles, that is when you will see me silently crying out victory in the kitchen. LOL.

Sigh, my dear fussy eater.

The word vegetables and fruits are almost non-existent in her vocabulary, well not in her “what I want to eat” list at least.

I don’t blame it on her really, when I looked back at how I started her with solid foods, I think I made the wrong move.

For starters it’s the darn instant porridges like Cerelac. Yes, her first solids were actually that, which I only came to realize is an equivalent of other processed food that we adults consume. I blame it on myself, a mom who easily got enticed with the ads and ignorant to do my own homework about solids.

Bella had those instant things every day, and only eat real food at dinner (it should have been the other way at least, right?)

I should have started with real food instead. Foods like pureed fruits like apples, avocadoes, pumpkins and such.

In my defence, I did gave her rice porridge, cooked with chicken or fish and some vegetables in it. The problem is I was not creative and did not put in too many variations. After a while it became the same ol’ menu, and maybe that contributed to her lack of “adventure” in tasting food.

Another wrong move was the snacks. I failed to realize that she needed to snack on healthy foods like cut fruits or cheeses and nuts. Back in the days her snacks were mostly those baby biscuits, rusks or cookies *slaps forehead*

These days I honestly envy those mothers who do not need to struggle with their children’s food. I mean those kids; they eat fruits and veges like a boss!

I don’t mean to compare my child with others, but my point is, it all starts with us the parents. Or rather, how we eat as an adult actually plays an important role at how we build our children’s eating habit.

I have heard of baby-led weaning and teaching them to eat what we eat, but again first of all, we also need to recognize whether what we consume as an adult is actually healthy and nutritious to begin with.

I guess that’s just another lesson learned in my parenting journey.

My dear Bella, I do feel bad about starting off wrongly, but baby I will try my best to make sure that some real food goes into your system (I hope you won’t discover that I have quietly sneaked in some vegetables into your rice every time I feed you). Perhaps you will learn to love these foods as you grow older.

To my credit, even though Bella is a fussy eater, I am glad that she is not a big fan of candies and junk foods, and even sodas. That’s a great achievement for me. I’d rather make some butter toast or boil some eggs for her to snack on than having her eating all those junks. I guess that helps me feel a little better. Ehem :)

So how do you start your baby with solids? Any tips to share on how to get them to eat real, nutritious food?
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